New Year, New Blog?

As we finally settle into a New Year & find our groove we have come to the realisation that we need to bring our online “A game” for you… our ladies! 

While I’m not sure if a blog is going to set off fireworks of excitement for you all, it’s definitely a crucial tool in communication (along with the many) we haven’t been using! 

So, welcome to our blog & the promise of keeping it updated with what’s going on here so that every one is able to stay up to date (our selves included) because if you know us well…you know we love to run a good old fashion “sh!t show” BUT not this year! 

What’s changed you may be wondering?

We’ve got a *new* small amazing team of women here at Two Birds Blue & we’re finally out of treading water to keep afloat (many hands make light work, yaaaaay!!!!) 

So let’s introduce the team shall we? 

Fi, Fiona (Owner) - our beautiful boss lady & although she is not in the shop as much these days due to illness she is constantly working behind the scenes (and all hours of the day) curating new collections of clothing & homewares to ensure her boutique is full of the things we love! 

Lucy, Luc (Fi’s daughter in law) - most of you would know me already & if you don’t.. hello! 
I’m an all rounder in the shop, just trying to have a crack at everything (and usually leaving a trail of destruction in my path) like this blog?!? 

Gab, Gabrielle - our pocket rocket! You would of seen Gab modelling for us (so beautifully may I add) she’s a neat freak with a keen eye for detail & loves to help our ladies find exactly what it is they’re looking for! 

Leah - our newest member of the Two Birds Blue team & the most savvy out of us all when it comes to all things retail! Leah loves beautiful homewares, is on the know what’s in fashion & she’s already getting our bums into gear (and we LOVE it) she’s the breath of fresh air that we needed! 

And Tania - Fi’s sister in law who you’ll see every now & again giving us a helping hand (once our best customer… still one of our best customers when she’s on the other side of the counter) 

OH.. and if you hear us talking about the “boys” that’s our team of handyman (Fi’s husband & sons) that help us with our beautiful old building and the character (maintenance) that comes with it! 

So that’s us.. the immediate team of Two Birds Blue! Maybe our next blog will be about the extended team? 

xo - Lucy