Rustic Ceramic Hook x3

Rustic Ceramic Hooks 3 is a bespoke decorative piece with a rustic wooden frame that prettier and reinforces the piece. The functional piece is carved from wood and metal, these materials offer a lightweight and are a reliable alternative to its counterparts. Characterizing 3 pieces of metal hooks with a ceramic ball-top to prevent one's item from sliding off. Plus, there is more room for hanging. This piece can make a bold statement on whatever wall it is fixed.
Homeowners who wish to explore their deluxe and adventurous side can opt for Rustic Ceramic Hooks 3. This antique styled piece does not only serve a conventional purpose, it is visually pleasing to add depth to the walls. This wall hanger is handy to organize clothes in the bedroom. When not in use, it can show off one's collection of rustic items in the hallways. Guests can as well feel comfortable and accommodated when they hang their coats and scarves
  • $39.00