Black Metal Jug

Black Metal Jug is a durable metal item built with the predisposition to stand the test of time. It also has excellent wear and tear-resistibility as it is in contact with water daily. Transform this jug to a vase for artificial plants to add a finishing touch and greenery to the front porch and backyard patio.
This metal jug has retained this simple form to heighten the client's best experience. Jugs are an excellent choice for displaying flowers with beautiful fragrance. These sweet-smelling flowers expel offensive odour from one's interior. With a matte finish and galvanized body, Black Metal Jug is a great decorative item. It is a versatile metal collection to breathe a bit of spark to one's interior. Its metal frame has a black coat and a galvanized finish to protect the jug from rusting. It also gives a whimsical accent for farmhouse decor. Seemingly adding glamour to outdoor gardens can be achieved with minimal efforts with this metal jug.