Champagne Flute Kasia Peach

Bring home this classy Champagne Flute, which catches you with its unique style, the Kasia Peach Champagne Flute, impresses you greatly! This requisite piece of glassware is discreetly fitted with a goblet and a narrowly drawn stem, offering the perfect shape to unfurl the taste of fine champagne. The clear lines of champagne glass complement the series of a drinking glass and look amazing in any glass cabinet, enchaning it's aesthic value. Beautifully crafted, these champagne glasses are the perfect place to serve sparkling wine or champagne! These champagne flutes are the ideal option if you're going to have a dream house party on special occasions. It has an elegant look and is beautifully designed with a glass of the highest quality. The handle of this amazing champagne flute is especially functional yet stylish and offers more stability.

  • $9.95