Classic Candle

The classic pillar candle in a subdued white that would look ethereal and peaceful when lit and lend so much of a tranquil look to nay space-for all those special occasions when one wants the decor to look understated yet classy and candles seem to be just the right way to set the mood for the evening.
Those who appreciate good quality candles would know that creating something classic and not design based takes more of an effort and when the colour is neutral as in the case of this white pillar candle the quality of the moulding and the finish has to be par excellence. This paraffin candle is mde with the purest of ingredients, has low smoke factor and its wick has been chosen so as to give hours of strong and unwavering light. The aesthetic element in any corner of the home can be truly built up with the help of these gorgeous candles from Lavida that are very high on quality and equally high on elegance and usability. This white pillar candle stands 15 cm tall and will dominate the lighting in a corner when surrounded by smaller candles or votives. Could also be placed as a centrepiece with flowers and green ferns all around for more effect.
  • $25.00