Coasters Rainforest

The Coasters Rainforest is a magnificent looking collection of four coasters that showcases an impressive depiction of a tropical rainforest. This gives the coasters an exceptional ornamental value which would captivate the attention of your customers. The choice of bright shade of green is especially suitable for summoning the attention of prospective customers. It is also suitable for those looking to add a vibrant splash of colours to their décor.
Featuring four whole coasters in this set of Coasters Rainforest, there is enough to go round the table. It features the glazing of various species of leaves which shows some as very leafy and some others as thin and sparse. The first and last coasters sport the green, leafy plants with several leaves. The second and third coasters also depict the motif of a tropical rainforest which filled with leaves that looks like that of the palm tree. Combined together, they are nothing short of stunning!
  • $12.95