Console Green House

Use it in the entry way to make that bold opening statement about your love for things chic and rustic-or use it in any part of your home where a touch of informal decor needs to help loosen its style to a more bohemian look. Graceful in its simple pattern , this is a versatile piece of furniture sure to find itself useful in any part of the house.

The Console green house is a versatile table sure to knock your socks off and make the drabbest of spaces come alive with a chic bohemian look. Usage of timber with MDF and metal adds details that make this the most interesting rustic feature in your spaces. As great for your entryway holding some fresh cut flowers and equally suited to be placed along any long gallery, wall or any area that you wish to use for some kind of display. makes a simple yet unique impression, and helps keep your displays looking fabulous atop its rustic look metal edges top. The usage of different material as well as the delightful cross legs makes it all the shabbier chic in appeal. Place your trinket box, a bowl of loose change, some family pictures and vase with fresh blooms to give it its best look.

  • $375.00
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