Draft Stopper - Natural

When you feel those icy fingers touch your toes, you would know that the draft has got to eb stopped from sneaking into your interiors. Windy conditions can mar the beauty of a toasty evening and a simple ad traditional means to keep that sneaky draft from playing spoilsport in your cosy setting would need a little help from this stopper. Made from natural material. It's simple yet important task makes it a must have in any home.
Block that crack, or gap under the door to keep the frigid air out - and in warmer more dusty climes, keeping the dust out is as simple where you have stoppers that disallow the snaky wind to bring in the dust and sand from the outdoors. This stopper has been crafted from woven paper that does not slip and sits well tucked under your door without losing its grip. Has a handle on one side for you to help adjust its placement. The length at 79 cm and thickness at 11 cm makes it suitable for all kinds of regular sized doors. Be it to keep out the sand or dust or the chilly winds-it is functionally as resilient.
  • $16.50