Faux Fern Moss

The tiny leaves are thick and densely formed all along the dainty stemming the bunch has got. The lush green colour striking in its persistence of liveliness. This is a bunch that in itself will help add that all important feel of nature and its beauty to any space or will combine with ease with floral arrangements to make things seem all the more classic and natural in its look.
Add the touch of natural glamour to your spaces with this elaborate bunch of ferns that will make any vase liven up with its simple yet eclectic presence. In damp and shade places they grow profusely and here they are ready in a bunch to add the touch of greens to your floral arrangement. The thick tiny leaves are really profuse in their growth and thy will form just the kind of backdrop which will make any choice of flowers look their best. Made from rein and plastic they come in the form of a thick bunch which by themselves could be used as an arrangement. The height of the bunch id all of 23 cm and its thickness is 9 cm. The green colour will lend it a striking fresh feel that any space will be glad to receive. Can be made to look dewy fresh with a wipe of cloth or a simple wash in plain water.
  • $32.95