Hanging Heart Blue Birds

Vintage decor invokes a warm feel. This design range of style comes from decades ago. Beautifying one's place with this charming hanging heart is tasteful and enjoyable. Designing stunning homeware is relatively easy with this vintage decorative heart.
It is enhanced with a lovely blue flowery pattern that features a rather inconspicuous bluebird. The birds have a perfect blend with the background. The aesthetic value of this design illustrates a mix of a blue and cream awe-inspiring flower that cascades over the heart for a vintage look. Turning rearview captivates one's attention with its metallic gold writing, "Just for you." It has a brown leather ribbon that gives it the quality of being hanged on walls, trees, and doorknobs, thus breathing warmth and life wherever it is placed. Its ceramic material is not a disadvantage to easy break but rather an addition to its grease resistance quality. With a simple scrub, there's a guarantee of quick recovery from stains.
  • $6.95