Hanging Heart Heron

Place it in a larger gift or could be used more like a tag or simply use it as you would a hangable accent-this delightful little heart caries a message of love straight from the heart. Classic ceramic moulded handmade heart that is hangable with the slotted ribbon which adds to its versatility. The super smooth white ceramic and the riot if colours in the printed face brings a cheery positivity that such symbols of love always bring with them.
The very texture and nature of ceramic makes it earthy-after all, all kinds of pottery art has this ability to create thus a magical kind of texture that while being smooth and with a sheen also has this delightful background of having being created from earth itself and hence it very natural kind of feel. To top it here it gets the shape of a heart with a bird printed on one side and a message of love on the other. Be it to place in in your own spaces-since it is conveniently hangable-it could be used like any other accent or simply be gifted away. Th beautiful heron and flowers in profusion blend in together and looks startlingly gorgeous in the white backdrop. Makes for a tag or as gift in itself.
  • $6.95