Hanging Heart Thank You

The heron and the almost natural environment he seems to be sitting in make sup the face of the heart but the words that are oriented on the back makes it gain its true worth. An artefact quality ceramic heart that has been handmade to bring in all those great qualitative features that adds a great deal of beauty to its looks. delightfully simple and yet packed in with so many aesthetically pleasing features.
The fact that ceramic has such an earthy undertone makes this such a delightful puce to offer as gift to anyone who cares for att. Created with an artist's perspective-the little heart dispute its tiny size has a graphic that makes it gain so much beauty while the obverse side carried the all important message which simply says-thank you. When wanting to offer your gratitude to someone this could be handy little gift to give away. Th pretty heron and floral pattern is multicoloured and the print is precise and filled with a dense range if shades and hues that gets offset set by the white of the backdrop. Th4e smooth finish given to the ceramic heart, while dainty also is sturdy enough for handling comes with a ribbon looped from the top to make it hangable -adding to its versatile usage. The words printed at the back-in deep black rings in the gratitude with such clarity and honesty. A perfect gift to give someone who has stood by you!
  • $6.95