Jug Arizona

 Handcrafted and Painted item - imperfections will be found this is part of the uniquiness of the product. Please note this jug is not water tight
Aside from the natural appeal of ceramics, they are also extremely durable materials. This ceramic piece is sturdier than its counterparts, it is perfect for indoor use or even for tropical plants in the garden or outdoor area. This jug can be repurposed as a magazine rack to hold bathroom reading materials like catalogues or magazines. Lastly, this is handy to store seed packets or organize seeds in the garage between plantings.

Jug Arizona is an impressive choice for homeowners who have realized that their thumb is not that green. This is a makeshift flower pot to invite nature's freshness and radiant aesthetics to one's space. These pretty artificial flowers replicate the elegant beauty of real flowers. Some of the best faux plants that spruce one's interior and enter space for spring range from lavender to tulip, daisy, dried hydrangea, wildflowers among others. This makes a stunning centrepiece in one's dining setting.

  • $30.95