Short Shelves - Dark

Crafted from sturdy material, this three-tiered shelf will make your displays acquire a whole new semblance of style and sensibility. The shelves vary in size-broadening to a large base while the top shelf is the smallest thus giving it this gorgeous tiered shape adding to its unique looks. All of 95 cm in height and 65 cm in maximum length. Its shelves are 35 cm wide making it large enough for crockery, dinner ware, and books. Will fit into any room and prove its usability in the most versatile of ways. Be it pictures, reading material or office material, you could use those shelves for all kinds of things. Vast open shelves, simple clean lines easy to hold and shift and study well balanced in its form, makes it a great pick of keeping things organized is on your home decor agenda.

  • $149.00