Tumbler Kasia Peach

This beautiful Kaisa Peach glass is a lovely addition to your glassware.
This collection of amazing Kasia Peach glasses is just what any modern Australian home requires: classic glasses with a peachy twist. It elevates your drinks to new heights while giving your basic kitchenware a rustic look. This collection of  glass tumblers is intricately built with beautiful and intelligent designs that add just the right amount of class and functionality to your life. Since they are made of the highest quality glass and are thus extremely durable, these glasses are often used as decorative objects. The intricately carved outside of the glass and the peach coloured gradient gives it a uniqueness that makes it stand out. They're also easy to clean because they're dishwasher safe. These lovely glasses make wonderful gifts for friends and family, as they reflect your love and affection for them and your outstanding taste in decor.
  • $7.50