Two Tone Side Table

There is no denying that open fresh larders were the thing of the past-with fresh bakes bread loaves and vegetables from the garden ready to be brought to the kitchen for the final preparation. Give your modern kitchen a side table with a mesh cover to help build in a modern-day larder where you could keep safe your fresh baked cakes and muffins or cookies -or simply keep fruits and vegetables in the fresh air rather than in the chill of the fridge. This side table could also be the perfect means to add a spot of farm fresh appeal to your kitchen and spaces.

The height of the table is 52 cm and it stands on legs that keep it raised above the floor. The two-tone wood usage adds more of vintage shabby chic cottage charm to its look. The mesh covered door and sides will allow food and other edibles to remain fresh. A tiny larder for your fresh baked goodies and a space where you could store whatever that you feel like-from spices to fresh breads and other bakes. There is so much that you could use it for apart from food as well. Spaces that are protected by mesh are airy and thus anything that needs to remain in fresh air inherently can be placed here. The size of the almirahs is large enough to allow a good amount of storage space-with a height of 52 cm, the shelf is 44 cm in length and 29 cm in width. The single door and the handle makes it rather convenient for usage.

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