Wine Glass Kasia Breeze

This amazing kasia breeze wine glass is a great addition to your kitchen!
This chalice cup design is synonymous with luxury dining throughout the world. It's instantly recognisable. It will be one of your most coveted possessions. Equally at home on a shelf with your most treasured possessions or in your hands holding the most exquisite wine. Handcrafted to perfection, it's a luxury item that will make your guests aware of your good taste. The light green gradient in the glass gives it a pleasant look while perfectly complementing the drink inside. Made with the highest quality glass, this wine glass is an occupant of your house as long as you choose to keep it. When people come over for a dinner party, you're going to impress them. This gorgeous glass is also a perfect gift to your friends and family, reflecting your love and affection for them, as well as your excellent taste.
  • $10.95