Wine Glass Palm Clear

LaVida's Palmclear Wine Glass provides both elegance and convenience to make it the best option for everyday use.
Bring home LaVida's Palmclear Wine Glass. An exclusive combination of sturdiness and elegance, this magnificent wine glass is engraved with a palm tree motif, adding a tropical charm to your collection of glassware. Each wine glass is meticulously handcrafted with the finest material, ensuring easy maintenance and resilience from most wear and tear for years to come. Taking your comfort and convenience into account, each glass is of the perfect size and makes for easy handling. Apart from adding to the visual appeal of your home, the narrower design of the glass also helps release the aromas and flavours of each wine, providing you with a rich and fulfilling experience every time you make yourself a drink. All of the above makes LaVida's Palmclear Wine Glass the complete wine glass you've been looking for.
  • $10.00