Wonderful Candle

Wise people know that appreciation goes a long way in sustaining relationships. This is why this Candle Wonderful was ornately made in order to serve as an expression of gratitude to every person who has in one way or the other added value to our lives. The bowl is made through the use of premium quality ceramic material in a cylindrical shape before the exterior was then ornamented in star like patterns.
The Candle Wonderful has an enduring appeal and perfect as a last minute gift item. It is perfectly functional in creating a soothing atmosphere while the beautifully glazed bowl will shine with radiance under the illumination of the candle. On the front side of the carton in which this candle bowl is packaged are the "You are wonderful" and underneath the words is a love symbol to complete the message. It would be wise to order as many of this candles as possible.
  • $18.95