Woven Basket Tub Set/2

PLEASE NOTE: As each piece undergoes a process of being hand woven with natural materials and coloured with natural dyes, shape, size and colour may vary in this product range.
Any home is a s much about making it look attractive as it is about keeping it well organized and helping you achieve both these aims is this set of baskets that is handcrafted with great artistry by hands that know the weaving g technique. Made from rice paper, this lightweight material is sturdy when woven and especially treated to give you durability and strength. The two tubs are sized perfectly for indoor usage and could be used as a storage bin for all kind of things.

Adding more organizational accessories to your home always give an impetus to the way your spaces look - after all the challenge always seems to lie in finding the right place to keep away things and out home seem to be mostly the management of keeping our possessions that always seem to be burgeoning in numbers. Here is a set of natural coloured straw made tube that have been expertly woven from rice paper. The material is sturdy albeit lightweight with a lovely natural brown colour that makes it all the more appealing. The delightful mix of perfect size and the fact that it come in a nesting kind of built gives it an added advantage. Handy size which can be used as much for keeping toys and books as it can for keeping table linen, washed laundry, or your children's extra stationery.

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