Faux Leaves Green

Plants liven up the spaces like few things in your decor can and when you bring into your spaces the easy to care for faux plants they will help settle into all kinds of spaces making them feel and look truly fresh and inviting and much more summer ready. Here is an option that calibrates the best in faux plant features to suit your summer ready homeés need.
Made from superior quality plastic, this is an addition that could suit any setting in any room, made from the smoothest and softest of plastic that can be handwashed to gleam and shine like new. The sap green colour replicating the real plant is so natural in its look, that you would be tempted to touch and feel its beautifully shaped leaves. The height of the planter is all of 9 cm while its diameter is 9 cm too making it a great combination of size and suitability. The advantage of having foliar is in its ability to blend into all kinds of spaces. this tall 26 cm height plant will specifically look elegant d grace all corner and for the backdrop for the rest of your decor. Brimming with life, this faux plant will work in perfect coordination with the rest of the setting in terms of colour and size. The ceramic pot it comes with also adds to its elegance.
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